Something small…


One of my favourite… um… what exactly do I call him? Writer? Yes… but he does more than just write. Artist?  For sure… but then again, what is his medium? Pretty much everything you can think of, except maybe dance (though I haven’t had the pleasure). In any case, one of my favourite people-out-there-who-make-me-think-about-things-that-are-important-but-not-urgent”, is Austin Kleon

Perhaps you’ve heard of him? His tiny book, Steal Like An Artist, created a ricochet of thoughts inside my little brain like so many bouncy balls. I would say it was inspiring, except that, after reading it, I did nothing. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. I created a “Bliss Station”, which I sit at every now and again and rearrange my pencil crayons (and wipe off the dust). I also began writing in one of my many empty but lovely journals. I put up a few old watercolour paintings that I had done when I was a stay-at-home mom taking a night class at the local community centre. And I went out and purchased about $100 in art supplies, that have yet to be used! I know… typical!

Lucky for me, I subscribe to Austin’s Newsletter, so I get a little amuse-bouche of inspiration whenever I take the time to read it, usually when I get fed up with seeing so many unread emails sitting in that particular email account (which I use primarily for subscriptions). Today I clicked on his story about the movie Groundhog Day, a personal favourite of mine. The movie is worth watching, for many reasons (I won’t spoil it for you). But Austin recommends the movie for reasons altogether different than merely for the sake of entertainment. Go ahead and read it for yourself.

So, Austin, today this is my “something small”. Tomorrow I will sit my ass down at my Bliss Station and draw something, or colour something or who knows what. I guarantee you it will be small, and it will likely be awful, but it will be my creation.

The next day, I may just bake a pie… but just a small one!


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