heart on plate

Sometimes hunger has to be fed with love.”

My guy said this to me once, not realizing the impact it would have on my thoughts. With me, this is a regular occurrence.

Hunger and the yearning for love; are they really all that different from each other? Or are they really just the same thing, but with different imagery attached to each?

A newborn baby is as close to the truth as one could possibly imagine. She cries in the night to be fed, yet she needs so much more than her mother’s milk. She needs the comfort and security of her mother’s body wrapped around her; she needs the soft gentle sound of her mother’s whispers; she needs warmth; she needs love. And without that love she will not grow, just as surely as if she were malnourished.

And what of the rest of us? We hunger for food, and we hunger for love, sometimes confusing the two needs until we can no longer recognize one from the other, stuffing ourselves with sweets and savouries that are only a poor substitute for the love that we are truly missing.  Food will never satisfy that kind of hunger; it will only leave us feeling more emptiness.

Love of family, love of friendship, love of passion; these are the true delicacies of life, the things that fill us up and feed our souls.  And when we share a meal with those we truly care about, the food we eat becomes the vehicle that carries our love.

Only then can we truly feed the soul.


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